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  • 2010 Mazda AXELA

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  • May 2020
    I love our car. Smooth driving. No issues for now
    —Guillian L - 2010 Mazda Axela 3 New Shape
  • May 2020
    Great car big enough for family of 4 to run around in. Goes great with some nice features
    —Peter J - 2010 Mazda AXELA 20S New Shape Hatch
  • Apr 2020
    Love my car
    —Ricki S - 2010 Mazda AXELA SPORTS
  • Apr 2020
    Super happy with this car runs really nicely and great on petrol and great to drive!
    —Keely H - 2010 Mazda Axela 15C Low kms
  • Mar 2020
    Good car with great specs. Goes very well.
    —Simon C - 2010 Mazda Axela 3 New Shape
  • Mar 2020
    Good looking car, nice color
    —SALVATION L - 2010 Mazda Axela 1.5S STYLE
  • Mar 2020
    Very good!!!!! Extremely happy with the car.
    —Jemma B - 2010 Mazda AXELA 20C SPORTS LOW KS!! ESC!
  • Mar 2020
    I am very happy with my purchase. The car is running very well
    —KAYLA D - 2010 Mazda Axela 15C
  • Mar 2020
    I love my new car!
    —Emilie S - 2010 Mazda Axela 15C
  • Mar 2020
    It’s such a safe easy car to drive.. Great with petrol.. I love it so much!!
    —Olaolavitilevu T - 2010 MAZDA AXELA 20C SPORT
  • Mar 2020
    Car is great,
    —Corey B - 2010 Mazda Axela MPS TURBO SPORT
  • Mar 2020
    Very happy with my Mazda & enjoy driving it.
    —Penny C - 2010 Mazda Axela 3 Sport 20S
  • Mar 2020
    Positioning side mirrors to advantageous position helps a lot with the blind spot. Mazda axela has a larger blind spot than i was personally accustomed to in other cars.
    —Marcela V - 2010 Mazda Axela 20 S Touring Confort
  • Mar 2020
    The car controls great and is very comfortable to drive in.
    —Nicholas H - 2010 Mazda Axela 20C
  • Mar 2020
    Love how easy it is on gas and how smooth it drives. It has a nice spacious boot area in the back.
    —Sarah P - 2010 Mazda AXELA SPORT 15C
  • Feb 2020
    Great vehicle Good on gas !
    —KYLE B - 2010 Mazda Axela 1.5S STYLE
  • Feb 2020
    Very good car and nice to drive
    —Elise B - 2010 Mazda Axela 3 New Shape
  • Feb 2020
    I travel a lot up to Auckland and back down to Cambridge for work and the Mazda Axela was ideal for me to get, to and from both places smooth , quick and safe. Mazda Axela 2.0 litre engine packs abit of power which I find useful when over taking haulage trucks and Sunday drivers ✌️. Fuel consumption averaging about 17km a litre , I think is fuel efficient , for me driving at optimum speed. Great car for anyone buying their first car , highly recommended.
    —Amini S - 2010 Mazda Axela
  • Feb 2020
    We have only had the vehicle a week but have been delighted with the performance to date. It looks great is easy to park and drive and has excellent power available on the open road. My wife is very happy with her new vehicle.
    —David S - 2010 Mazda AXELA SPORT 20S
  • Feb 2020
    Great to drive.
    —Brian C - 2010 Mazda Axela 20E
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