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  • 2013 Honda FIT

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  • Feb 2020
    Packed with features
    —Jacqueline T - 2013 Honda Fit
  • Feb 2020
    Awesome car, lots of interior space for its size plenty of get up and go when needed.
    —Samuel N - 2013 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Jan 2020
    Fuel use was very economical and there was enough space inside.
    —Sunhwa P - 2013 Honda Fit
  • Dec 2019
    This car is a dream to drive. Fuel efficient, more spacious than most cars, has lots of leg room behind front seats. Has the best features. That's why I bought another one. Best car ever.
    —Sheryl H - 2013 Honda Fit HYBRID L Package
  • Oct 2019
    Only been a week but impressed, easy to drive and very economical
    —David C - 2013 Honda FIT L Package
  • Oct 2019
    great visibility compared with other smaller cars
    —Anthony M - 2013 Honda Fit 1.3L Hybrid
  • Sep 2019
    Very nice to drive, so easy to pop my sewing machine into the boot area, I'm very pleased with my purchase.
    —Gillian F - 2013 Honda Fit SHUTTLE HYBRID
  • Sep 2019
    This vehicle is fuel economical and very efficient
    —Wilson M - 2013 Honda Fit RS Hybrid with Bodykit, Reversing Camera & Cruise Control !
  • Aug 2019
    Good condition
    —Roberto E - 2013 Honda FIT Hybrid
  • Jul 2019
    Excellent small car.
    —Richard H - 2013 Honda Fit Hybrid 1.5lt F-Package
  • Apr 2019
    So far great little car - Lots of space for class of vehicle
    —Maurits K - 2013 Honda Fit SHUTTLE
  • Apr 2019
    Honda fit 2013 model is a good one, I really love it, the body design, the interior design and a lot of application that very useful to the owner.
    —Jerwill P - 2013 Honda Fit
  • Apr 2019
    I'm enjoying this car very much, very roomy but compact with great boot space. A dream to drive.
    —Karen C - 2013 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Mar 2019
    —Alvin G - 2013 Honda Fit
  • Mar 2019
    It is a very stable car to drive and I love the allround visibility provided by the little glass windows in the front.
    —Mary H - 2013 Honda Fit 1.5l Hybrid 'New Shape'
  • Feb 2019
    Great vehicle. Decent looking car with tons of storage capacity and amazing on fuel economy as it is hybrid.
    —Juan C - 2013 Honda FIT SHUTTLE HYBRID-C
  • Feb 2019
    A Lovely car to drive and so comfortable on the long road trip we took on completing the purchase
    —Donald S - 2013 Honda Fit Hybrid F-PKG
  • Feb 2019
    Best city commute
    —Subhamay G - 2013 Honda Fit / Jazz Hybrid
  • Jan 2019
    More people should consider buying eco cars. I am very impressed with the economy with no obvious loss of performance.
    —Ingrid N - 2013 Honda FIT HYBRID, Petrol/Electric
  • Jan 2019
    For a compact car, there is heaps of room. It does not feel like a small car inside.
    —David F - 2013 Honda FIT HYBRID, Petrol/Electric
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