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  • 2014 Honda VEZEL

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  • Nov 2021
    Due to the fee of petrol in NZ is higher and higher. I think hybrid car are good choice!
    —QI C - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID Z
  • Nov 2021
    Great car, first hybrid car we have had. Drive’s amazing just took a bit of time to get use to the gear stick but smooth luxury driving
    —LOVEY R - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID SUV 2WD
  • Nov 2021
    Its very comfortable, economical and stylish i love it.
    —Bernadino D - 2014 Honda Vezel
  • Nov 2021
    Good vehicle
    —Jerwin M - 2014 Honda Vezel
  • Nov 2021
    I really have enjoyed my Honda Vezel experience one of the best cars I have owned would happily recommend it to other people best hybrid for its value would pay for itself in gas savings
    —Paul C - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Nov 2021
    drives smoothly and accelerate at a comfortable pace. Has lots of space for near future family.
    —Beleana O - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Oct 2021
    Very stylish, sexy looking. Love the colour. It actually looks like a 2 door until you look closer & realise that it's a 4 door. Not too big or small, it's the perfect size. Cheap to run & so quite you can't hear it running.
    —HELEN T - 2014 Honda VEZEL Hybrid X
  • Oct 2021
    Very spacious inside and very much a fuel saver.
    —Joshua G - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID Z
  • Oct 2021
    Great value for money considering the price of fuel, great size and safety features for a starting family too.
    —Rizalino M - 2014 Honda Vezel HRV Hybrid *8 Airbags*
  • Sep 2021
    I love it.
    —Lauren V - 2014 Honda Vezel HRV Hybrid *8 Airbags*
  • Sep 2021
    very good
    —Jon J - 2014 Honda Vezel
  • Aug 2021
    Awesome on fuel as it’s a hybrid. Also the specifications are amazing
    —Gulnaz K - 2014 Honda Vezel
  • Aug 2021
    We are very satisfied that bought Vezel, it is very great for fuel efficiency and plenty of space compare with similar size of vehicle. Highly recommend
    —DAYOUNG Y - 2014 Honda VEZEL Hybrid X
  • Aug 2021
    It's a nice car it full feels my family's need
    —Pravenna S - 2014 Honda Vezel
  • Jul 2021
    Very happy with this vehicle, plenty of room, great fuel economy and a smooth drive
    —Fiona W - 2014 Honda Vezel 1500
  • Jul 2021
    We love it. It is comfortable, reliable and looks great!
    —Julia S - 2014 Honda Vezel HRV Hybrid *8 Airbags*
  • Jul 2021
    Rapt with the Honda Vezel. Drives beautifully, surprisingly spacious for teens and meets expectations around fuel efficiency.
    —Catherine S - 2014 Honda Vezel HRV Hybrid Z
  • Jun 2021
    Nice looking and fuel saving car
    —FNL CLEANING LIMITED - 2014 Honda VEZEL Hybrid
  • Jan 2021
    Honda vezel hybrid is one of my top 3 car of choice. Assembled in Japan so quality and reliability is top of the line. Fuel economy with the hybrid system. An urban daily driver.
    —NORDEO A - 2014 Honda VEZEL Hybrid Z / RARE COLOUR!! ALLOYS!!
  • Oct 2020
    Best semi-compact SUV. Very fuel economic (20km/l city, 23 km/l highway), enough room for any sports equipment :)
    —Xuan Z - 2014 Honda VEZEL
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