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  • 2015 Nissan Note

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Comment Highlights (15)

  • Feb 2021
    It's lovely!
    —Ruiji L - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2021
    I am very please with my car Thankyou
    —Margaret B - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2021
    A very nice car.
    —Guy S - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2021
    So far no complaints. The boot has easy access for an older person. Although a low cc rating a very good car for me about town and on the open road.
    —Patricia B - 2015 Nissan NOTE X V PLUS
  • Feb 2021
    So far all good, still getting used to a different car.
    —Eileen-Marie G - 2015 Nissan Note X Safety Package
  • Jan 2021
    I love my new car, it’s so cheap to run, plenty of space inside, had a good stereo.
    —Courtney S - 2015 Nissan Note X DIG- S Safety Package
  • Nov 2020
    Excellent car.
    —Susan R - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2020
    Good car drives well perfect for what I need it for
    —Liam B - 2015 Nissan Note * Safety Package *
  • Oct 2020
    Car is really good..
    —Ashutosh P - 2015 Nissan Note New Shape
  • Oct 2020
    Quite happy with purchase....was pretty much what I was looking for.
    —Joyce G - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2020
    It’s roomy for its size and it’s fuel economy is great.
    —Mitsuko B - 2015 Nissan Note XV Selection + Safety
  • Sep 2020
    It's a good car but doesn't have much grunt so it doesn't pull ahead very well. More of a family car that cruises at a family friendly speed.
    —Juanita R - 2015 Nissan Note New Shape
  • Jul 2020
    The Nissan Note didnt quite have the sleek look I was hoping for but it isnt a bad looking car overall, power is also lacking
    —Makalio P - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Jun 2020
    Good car and economical with good space in the booth. Good smart features and environmentally friendly.
    —Colaco L - 2015 Nissan Note
  • Dec 2019
    Pleased with the car and I should have got something like this years ago! Nippy little beggar and more roomy than I would have thought for its size.
    —Adrian W - 2015 Nissan Note X